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Our “ultra-premium” products are truly revolutionary. Each product contains pure, living ingredients that deliver vital nutrients to the body. Our products do NOT and never will contain harmful additives, artificial sweeteners, toxins or any other degrading ingredients. We will never compromise on our ingredients. Our products go above in terms of quality, freshness and integrity. Every ingredient and product is designed to provide results. This is our foundation and our guarantee.

The foundation of our products is built on the highest. Our ingredients are researched well and hand selected from different parts of the world to maximise the potency, benefits and results. This is what sets us apart and  what “ultra-premium” means.

Our proprietary formulas were hand crafted by our team of world renowned formulators having a combined 102 years of experience. The difference in our products is its design for delivering nutrients and its ability to provide immediate results while continuing to improve over time. Each product maximizes results providing life changing benefits in a short amount of time. The proprietary blends and formulas work seamlessly as a work of art when it comes to getting results. Our formulators have truly created a revolutionary, one of a kind proprietary product line that will infuse new life into your body and mind.

Our product line is designed to deliver immediate life changing results while working continuously for lifelong benefits. Each proprietary formula has a unique delivery system which carries nutrients more efficiently to the body even on a cellular level. Our entire product line is designed this way so that when used as a complete system, you are maximising results as you restore and renew the body.

The difference in our products is noticeable from the moment you try each product. The smell, feel, taste and overall experience is unmatched in today’s market. While we can talk about how important each and every aspect of our product line is, nothing quite does it like the experience of using them. When you use our products, you experience the difference, we encourage you to try them and feel the difference .

Alkaline Energy Trio 200g


Alkaline Energy Trio is a delicious, clean and powerful alkaline food formula designed to help you push out toxins out of your system and easily alkalise every cell in your body.

Certified Organic
Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly
GMO Free
Gluten Free
Australian Grown, Owned and Made

Resellers Welcome


CellVitae 150g


CellVitae Mineral electrolyte beverage is an extraordinary formula of specifically selected powerful herbs, spices, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.