K9 OsteoFix

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#1 Joint & Pain Relief for Aging Dogs Suffering from the Effects of Arthritis.

K9OsteoFix is the Ultimate ANTI-AGING product for Dogs, promoting MOBILITY, FLEXIBILITY and YOUNGEVITY


K9Osteofix is a product specifically formulated to RELIEVE the Symptoms of Arthritis in Old Dogs and provide overall ongoing HEALTH, FLEXIBILITY, MOBILITY & LONGEVITY.



  • RELIEF from PAIN associated with any JOINT PROBLEMS. NO PAIN makes for a HAPPIER and FRIENDLIER pet Dog.
  • RESTORES FLEXIBILITY, MOBILITY & LONGEVITY. This means LESS Vet bills and a HEALTHIER and LONGER LIFE for your pet dog.
  • There are NO SIDE-EFFECTS and NO TOXICITY in this product so it can only HELP PROMOTE your pet Dog’s HEALTH in every possible way.



For dog owners who not only love their dogs but also SUPPORT the PROTECTION of SHARKS throughout our oceans and would prefer to purchase a Joint Repair Product for their dog which DOES NOT use SHARK CARTILAGE in any way, they can feel extremely good about using K9OsteoFix, as not only is K9OsteoFix manufactured with 100% Natural Ingredients but it also uses BOVINE CARTILAGE (from cows) as an EQUAL REPLACEMENT for Shark Cartilage, even though most competing brands still use Shark Cartilage as their main Active Ingredient.



Why is K9OsteoFix the WORLD’S BEST Joint Repair Product for Dogs? Because K9OsteoFix incorporates the MOST EFFECTIVE COLLAGEN available. The method used to produce this High Quality COLLAGEN is UNIQUE to the K9OsteoFix product.


The production of COLLAGEN is a 3-STAGE process:

STAGE 1 – The NORMAL process for cleaning and preparing the raw materials include the use of SOLVENTS and CHEMICALS (as used by most other manufacturers of similar products).

The entire process used to manufacture K9OsteoFix is 100% NATURAL and ORGANIC.



STAGE 2 – The product then needs to be dried to extract all the moisture, however during this drying process RADIATION Treatment (using Gamma Rays) is required to kill all the bad bacteria that accumulate during the moisture-drying process.

Unfortunately this RADITATION Treatment also kills a lot of the Good Bacteria which is required for the production of High ACTIVITY in Collagen.

In order to protect this High Level of ACTIVITY during the moisture-drying process a very SPECIAL DRYER had to be created, which was capable of solving all these problems.

It took a significant amount of time and work (with many failed attempts) for this very SPECIAL DRYER to come into being and work so effectively.

Currently ONLY K9OsteoFix has access to this Unique DRYER, enabling the High Levels of ACTIVITY in the Collagen to be maintained throughout the moisture-drying process.

This unique drying process has been an essential step in producing the AMAZING RESULTS seen in ALL Dogs that participated in the K9OsteoFix Clinical Trials during the 2 year development period.

This unique drying process is also exclusive to K9OsteoFix; hence K9OsteoFix GUARANTEES to remain 100% Natural and produce amazing results faster than any other similar product worldwide.


STAGE 3 – The dried material (TRACHEA – A very hard and brittle material) then requires milling into a very fine micro. This milling process usually gets extremely hot and anything over 45 degrees in temperature during the milling process also significantly reduces the ACTIVITY of the product (ie. starts being cooked).

A very special milling process has also been created, specially modified as part of the production process for K9OsteoFix, maintaining safe temperatures well under 45 degrees at all times, once again protecting and maintaining the High ACTIVITY in the Collagen for maximum effectiveness.



ALL of the following PROCESSES are AVOIDED during the manufacture of K9OsteoFix  (as used by most other manufacturers)

  1. Use of SOLVENTS and/or CHEMICALS which inadvertently DESTROY product ACTIVITY.
  2. Use of Gamma Raying (RADIATION) during the moisture-drying process, also DESTROYING Product ACTIVITY.
  3. Use of conventional Mills producing temperatures of 45+ degrees during the milling process, also DESTROYING Product ACTIVITY.



The combination of processes producing the *BEST COLLAGEN*

and the **MOST potent BROMELAIN**

(creates blood supply and circulation and anti-inflammatory benefits, etc.),

combine to act as a very effective 100% NATURAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY as well as providing all the essential MATERIALS and ACTIVITY required to REPAIR damaged Joints effectively and quickly, 100% NATURALLY and WITHOUT any TOXICITY or SIDE-EFFECTS.

This EXACT combination of Unique Processes and use of the MOST potent BROMELAIN is the SECRET to why K9OsteoFix is the WORLDS MOST Effective Treatment for Reversing the Effects of Arthritis in dogs within such a short period of time (Less than 3 Weeks), Guaranteed!

Protecting the High ACTIVITY is everything. That’s what makes the K9OsteoFix product work so well.

*NOTE* We have perfected the production of the BEST COLLAGEN over many years, which is why we are able to retain the High ACTIVITY Levels.

**NOTE** High quality BROMELAIN is a very important ingredient in the K9OsteoFix formula. Not many pharmaceutical manufacturers use BROMELAIN because it is very difficult to handle. It is such a powerful enzyme that tablet machine operators need to wear special clothing and breathing equipment as the fumes can burn their skin and affect their breathing. We have also had many years of experience in working with BROMELAIN and have perfected the way it is handled.


60 Day Moneyback 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!!!


K9OsteoFix has been designed to improve Quality of Life for your Dog by providing it with Relief from Pain caused by Arthritis and promoting ongoing Flexibility and Mobility without any further Pain.

Your dog will be much happier and feel like it is much younger again (Anti-Aging Effect). You may also save on future Vet bills. All these benefits are our #1 priority to you and your beloved pet dog.

That’s why we offer a 60 Day Moneyback 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with every purchase of K9OsteoFix, if you or your dog are not completely satisfied with the results after taking the correct dosage as recommended on the bottle (ie. 1 Chewable Tablet per Day per 15kg body weight).

We will REFUND your K9OsteoFix purchase within 60 Days, No Questions Asked.


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